Side Note: I Love Metric


The title of this website is derived from a song by my favourite Canadian band Metric! The song, Live It Out is about Two friends (or lovers) who were supposed to live an experience out to the max, through going places (figuratively and literally I assume) but one person suddenly backs out of plan in favour of staying at home in the familiar lifestyle and the singer of the song goes on to do great things while the one who backed out of the adventure lives a stagnant and boring life and dies because they didn’t “live it out” with the singer. Anyways, this is kind of the concept of my website and the ideology that I want to follow, I don’t want to stay home and do mundane things because it is safe, we need to “crash to take a chance” and “Live it Out” to make life more interesting!

For those interested Click the  above image for a link to the song.

And just because, I am their biggest fans ever, here is the photos of me meeting Metric in 2012, the first photo is in June with my friend Jesi the second is in November with my boyfriend Gavin. I have seen Metric about 9 or 10 times live, they are amazing Go see them!

ImageJune 23 @ Commodore Ballroom

From Left to right: (My friend Jesi, Jimmy Shaw, Emily Haines, Joules Scott-Key, Josh Winstead, Me)

ImageNovember 10, 2012 @ Rogers Arena

From Left to right: (My boyfriend Gavin, Jimmy Shaw, Emily Haines, Josh Winstead, Joules Scott-Key & Me)

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