5 things I learned about attending my first wedding fair

On the weekend I attended the 39th Annual Wedding Fair at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver. After reading many how-to’s prior to attending my first wedding fair, I found there was still a lot to learn.

#5 Don’t print your own labels.

I read everywhere that I should arrive prepared with my own peel off labels for all of the draws held. I went through the trouble of buying the labels, formatting the labels, and printing the labels to find out that the Wedding Fair prints labels for you for $5.

While I am all about saving money. The time and money I spent printing the labels myself was not worth it.

#4 Don’t sign up for every draw

The big attraction to these wedding fairs is all of the free stuff you can get! A method many used to get free stuff is to apply for every draw. I followed this method and found that I won nothing and gained many spammy emails from entertainers I don’t want at my wedding.

#3 Bring your BFOTB

According to all of the bridal timelines I’ve read, you’re not supposed to name your maid of honour until a year away from the wedding. My wedding is a year a seven months away, so I technically don’t have a maid of honour yet. that being said I have my BFOTB. Incase you don’t know what a BFOTB is, I’ll let Sookie from Gilmore Girls explain:

Now that you’re all caught up! Your BFOTB is a life saver.

My BFOTB, Amanda, was amazing! she signed me up for draws while I was talking to people, she scouted potential exhibitors I would like to talk to, and snuck extra samples for me. Best of all, she helped carry all of the information I got! which leads me to…

#2 There is A LOT of information

I never thought I would leave the wedding Fair with over 20 pounds of flyers, magazines, and samples. Yet there I was, with three giant tote bags full of more information than I needed. I wish I had spent the time to critically look at every booth and decide if I wanted to take everything with me, but looking back I think I was too excited to stop and think.


If you are like me, and you like bridal magazines for ideas. You should know, most of them are at the wedding fair for free. I saved $40 on wedding magazines!

As you can tell by the pictures below, I had a ton of fun at my first wedding fair.


Have you attended a wedding fair before? If so, where was it and what did you learn? Answer in the comments below!