A day in Ansbach

Yesterday was such a disappointment  Gavin and I woke up early to go to Ansbach with my cousin Melissa. We got to see her Highschool which was very nice. Gavin and I commented  on how her school was so much newer than the high schools Gavin and I went to and she replied, “Really? My school is 600 years old, it is the second oldest school in Bavaria!” Gavin and I were shocked because our schools although old in Canada had absolutely nothing on her school!

After dropping Melissa off at school we walked around downtown Ansbach. It was interesting because Ansbach was my dad’s stomping grounds when he was a teenager. He would tell us about the history of the area as well as places where he used to go to school and where he used to hang out with his friends.

We walked inside a castle courtyard (because there are castles EVERYWHERE!!) and my dad opened an unmarked door to reveal a cafeteria style restaurant (his favourite kind). We had some eggs and chatted for a bit before going to tour Ansbach Palace.

Ansbach Palace

The palace tour was kind of boring, it was opulent room after opulent room and every room seemed  so unnecessary, which I guess was the point of being royal. we only saw 20 of the 180 rooms in the palace. The tour was an hour long.


After the tour we wandered around town for a bit and found the Ansbach Christmas Market where I got a Nuremburg Bratwurst, then picked up my cousin who finished school at 1pm.  We went back to the house and we were supposed to go to Rothenburg…which so did not happen.

Instead we planned on taking a nap for TWO HOURS at 1:30pm…..nobody woke us up and we slept for SEVEN HOURS and missed dinner, and Rothenburg and everything! I was so disappointed!! The worst part was that our sleeping schedule got thrown off even more and we are still jet lagged.

This morning we are going to Nuremburg to go see the courthouse where the Nuremberg Trials happened, go to the world famous Christmas Market there, and to do some touring. I hope it will be fun!Image

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