These are some fun goals that I would like to accomplish in the near future. Some are things that I have never done before and some are things I would like to accomplish.


  1. Run a  5 km race, Color Run 2013
  2. Run a 10km race, The Van Sun Run 2014 2015
  3. Take a train to San Francisco
  4. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  5. Go to La Duree in Paris
  6. Go to Disneyland
  7. Go to Las Vegas
  8. Write and record a 5 song Demo
  9. See Les Miserables/ Wicked on stage
  10. Go to a comedy show.
  11. Be able to perform all 5 songs live
  12. Bake French Macarons
  13. Do the Grouse Grind
  14. Get into BCIT’s Marketing Communications program
  15. Whitehorse in the wintertime (2013?)
  16. Go to Whistler

Things crossed off my list:

One thought on “Goals

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