Rothenburg AT LAST!

We finally got to go to Rothenburg on Saturday, and what can I say, it was everything we wanted and more! The whole family (minus my cousin Flo) came and we got to see another Christmas Market!!

At the Christmas Market Gavin and I got Honigwein (hot mead), I didn’t like it so much but he loved it. Gavin and I also ate some Bäverlich, which is kind of like an oven roasted pizza with potatoes and bacon and cream cheese.  Gavin and I finally got our Schneeballen!  Mine is Vanilla on the outside creamy nugat on the inside and Gavin’s is chocolate on the outside and chocolate on the inside. The original Schneeballen is made with powdered vanilla sugar.  Gavin bought a rare-ish mineral, dioptase,  at a rock store in Rothenburg, he is pretty pleased.

Later that night my Uncle Klaus came to visit from Berlin and he went to a restaurant with us, ” Gasthaus Zum Schmied”. My cousin Melissa used to work as a sous chef  at the restaurant. The restaurant is known for having the best Schnitzel in the area so naturally that was what I ordered.  Gavin ordered Rouladen which is like a big piece of meat, with a knödel dumpling and a lot of gravy. My aunt Karin ordered deep fried battered carp.

after the meal we were so full we went straight to sleep!

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