Munich Part One: Our Hotel

On our last weekend in Germany we decided to do an overnight trip in Munich. The trip was so fun and exciting I decided to write about it in two posts. This post is dedicated to our Hotel: Cocoon Hotel.  Our Hotel was actually pretty cool; cool enough to garner it’s own blog post!

Hotel Cocoon is a post-modern glorified hostel! The rooms were tiny and the decor was kitschy. Despite this, all of the things that made the hotel special really did make the hotel the most memorable hotel I have ever visited.

This was the lobby:


And this is a gallery of us enjoying the lobby:


When we entered our hotel room, which was the size of a dorm room, we were excited to see this cool nook:


And shocked to see this shower….inside the bedroom….next to the bed…sharing a sliding door with the toilette:


All in all, our hotel was pretty cool and we were excited to stay there while we were in Munich; stay tuned for what we did in Munich!!