Traditional Schneeballen Recipe

We's got's Schneeballen.

We’s got’s Schneeballen.

Due to popular demand, I have found the Schneeballen recipe I used when making Schneeballen last Christmas! This is a German recipe that is roughly translated into English. We also made this in Germany so some of the ingredients (a block of sunflower oil for example) may not be available to you locally, so you should probably use shortening or Crisco. This is also a very large recipe that needs at least 2 sets of helping hands. This recipe makes probably 50 to 80 Schneeballens.

Also you will need a Schneeballeneisen!

Christmas Present



9 Eggs
8 Spoons of Sour Cream
9 spoons of clear schnapps (We used Plum)
250g of Butter
250g of Sugar
1.5kg of Flour

For Frying:

1 block of Sunflower oil
1 block of Butter
1 block of Pork Fat



Step 1

1. Combine Eggs, Sour Cream, Schnapps, Butter and Sugar together in food processor. Add Flour to mixture.


Step 2

2. When in a Doughy texture remove dough and kneed. Let dough sit for 5 to 10 minutes.


Step 3

3. Roll the dough into flat rounds, then slice 1 cm strips into the rounds, leave a 1 inch space around the edges ensuring that the entire round stays in tact.


Step 4

4. When you are ready to start frying  putting all of the fat into a giant pot at a Medium to low temperature.


Step 5

5. Use the end of a  wooden spoon to loop in and around the strips so that the round hangs off the spoon.


Step 6

6. Carefully place the round inside the Schneeballeneisen. Place the Schneeballeneisen into the pot of fat for 3-5 minutes (until it earns it’s golden color), and constantly spin the  Schneeballeneisen so that the dough will form the round shape.

Hopefully your Schneeballen will look as amazing as ours! You can decorate it anyway you like, or to keep it traditional cover it in powdered sugar and enjoy!



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