Germany Again!

 Guten Tag und Hallo!

I am in Germany at the moment! It is very exciting to be back for my third Christmas and my fifth time all together!  Gavin is here with me, this is his second time in Germany but his first time here at my Cousin’s home.  I haven’t been here for three years,  everyone is so grown up! So far it is day two (I think) am I trying to get over Jetlag but I think I will have another week of being awake at 3am and constantly napping all day. Right now it is 10:35pm in Vancouver and 7:35am the next day in Germany!  For inquiring minds, we are staying in Löckenmuhle a village of 10 people (5 of which is my family)….it is close to Flachslanden which is close to Neustetten which is close to Ansbach which is close to Nuremburg which is close to Munich….

I am trying to remember all of the German I learned in school last year but it is proving to be very difficult! My cousin Melissa is knows a lot of English, at her school they teach her a lot of vocabulary and the interesting thing is that they teach her some words that we never use in common speech like, “Incredulous” and ” To Slate”, it must be British English that they are teaching her. Today we are planning on going to Ansbach and Rottenburg so that should be exciting. I want to pick up some Schneeballen, a german pastry, when we are in Rottenburg.  Expect pictures later!!!


Auf Wiedersehen!

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