Plans for the Future

At the moment I am in the midst of planning a few trips, sorting out my life and trying to get going. First on December 15th I am traveling to Germany to visit family for a month. I return January 7th and have to take care of loose ends in Canada (such as moving out of my apartment and becoming homeless, making sure all my bills are paid and accounts are closed, my cat is taken care of for the time that we are away. Then on February 8-11th, I go to Las Vegas (at last!!!!) for my friends Bachelorette Party! And then I officially move out of my Apartment on the 15th of February and move back home for two weeks, (Gavin my significant other will probably go to Whitehorse for the two weeks prior to our backpacking trip). FINALLY February 27th I leave for my backpacking trip.

At the moment it all seems so far away, but as I am typing this, the realization that in less than two months I will be unemployed and on a 13 hour flight to Germany for the 5th time is making me shake with anticipation!

I have so much to do, and for some reason I can’t sit down and write out everything I need to do! I guess this will be my goal for this week: WRITE OUT STEPS FOR NEXT TWO MONTHS!

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