Rothenburg AT LAST!

We finally got to go to Rothenburg on Saturday, and what can I say, it was everything we wanted and more! The whole family (minus my cousin Flo) came and we got to see another Christmas Market!!

At the Christmas Market Gavin and I got Honigwein (hot mead), I didn’t like it so much but he loved it. Gavin and I also ate some Bäverlich, which is kind of like an oven roasted pizza with potatoes and bacon and cream cheese.  Gavin and I finally got our Schneeballen!  Mine is Vanilla on the outside creamy nugat on the inside and Gavin’s is chocolate on the outside and chocolate on the inside. The original Schneeballen is made with powdered vanilla sugar.  Gavin bought a rare-ish mineral, dioptase,  at a rock store in Rothenburg, he is pretty pleased.

Later that night my Uncle Klaus came to visit from Berlin and he went to a restaurant with us, ” Gasthaus Zum Schmied”. My cousin Melissa used to work as a sous chef  at the restaurant. The restaurant is known for having the best Schnitzel in the area so naturally that was what I ordered.  Gavin ordered Rouladen which is like a big piece of meat, with a knödel dumpling and a lot of gravy. My aunt Karin ordered deep fried battered carp.

after the meal we were so full we went straight to sleep!


The day before yesterday my step-dad Joe, Gavin, and I went to Nuremburg. We hopped a commuter train from Ansbach to Nuremburg. Gavin had never taken a train in Germany before so it was pretty exciting yet at the same time uneventful for him.

Twilight Bubble TeaWhen we arrived at the Nuremburg Hauptbahnhof (German for Central Station) we were shocked to see that McDonalds not only sold Bubble Tea but Twilight Bubble Tea!  I sadly did not get to choose between Edward and Jacob Bubble tea’s because we quickly left the Hauptbahnhof to find some breakfast.

On the top floor of a department store my dad found a place for us to eat breakfast. Christkindlemarkt bierGavin and I did not eat anything because we were holding out for the goodies at the Christmas Market. Gavin and my dad shared a special Christkindle Markt bier for breakfast while I drank soda water (which is really popular in Europe, regular water is few and far between).

The Christkindle Markt was really exciting. The Nuremburg Christmas Market is the largest one in the world and the second you walked into it you could tell. Apparently vendors have waited for up to 30 years to be able to sell their products at the market.  For the most part there was a lot of the glockenspielsame things, wool hats, baked goods, hand made toys, and lots of German food.  At noon we watched the Glockenspiel  ( a giant clock in a church) ring with carved characters elaborately dance around the clock.

In the photos below:  1) my step dad is holding Schaschlik, some kind of boiled meat covered in curry and other sauces.  2) Gavin is eating a pickled Sardine Sandwich 3) I am eating a Dutch Heart Shaped Waffle 4) Gavin is drinking Glühwein which is warmed sweetened red wine, a classic christmas drink in Germany.

SchasschlikGavin fishDutch Wafflesgluwine

Later we visited the Castle in Nuremburg, then went to the Albrecht Dürer Museum. The museum was cool enough, i think it was made in the house he lived in while he created his works.  The only thing was the audio guide we listened to was terrible. Nuremburg CastleInstead of describing anything in the carefully maintained home of the artist, we listened to his wife complain about daily life and the people Dürer worked for.  After the Dürer Museum we went to the Nuremburg Trial memorial. Unfortunately the court room where the trials took place was in use. The rest of the memorial was very……heavily  dense with text. Which was all in German. So we had to listen to the entire thing on an audio guide which was very long.  Before we got through the entire exhibit we had to leave to catch our train back to Ansbach. I wish we were able to spend more time at the exhibit and see the court house but I guess that will be for another day.

Our day was very long and very tiring but it was exciting! We look forward to going to Rothenburg tomorrow (AT LAST!!!)


Germany Again!

 Guten Tag und Hallo!

I am in Germany at the moment! It is very exciting to be back for my third Christmas and my fifth time all together!  Gavin is here with me, this is his second time in Germany but his first time here at my Cousin’s home.  I haven’t been here for three years,  everyone is so grown up! So far it is day two (I think) am I trying to get over Jetlag but I think I will have another week of being awake at 3am and constantly napping all day. Right now it is 10:35pm in Vancouver and 7:35am the next day in Germany!  For inquiring minds, we are staying in Löckenmuhle a village of 10 people (5 of which is my family)….it is close to Flachslanden which is close to Neustetten which is close to Ansbach which is close to Nuremburg which is close to Munich….

I am trying to remember all of the German I learned in school last year but it is proving to be very difficult! My cousin Melissa is knows a lot of English, at her school they teach her a lot of vocabulary and the interesting thing is that they teach her some words that we never use in common speech like, “Incredulous” and ” To Slate”, it must be British English that they are teaching her. Today we are planning on going to Ansbach and Rottenburg so that should be exciting. I want to pick up some Schneeballen, a german pastry, when we are in Rottenburg.  Expect pictures later!!!


Auf Wiedersehen!